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Praise for Love, Faith and a Pair of Pants


"I could not put down Herb Freed's, Love, Faith and a Pair of Pants. I love Herb, his humor, his understanding of human nature, and how he makes each scene in his book come to life. What a gift!"

-- Terri Britt, former Miss USA,

author, The Enlightened Mom

"Last night I finished reading Love, Faith and a Pair of Pants. I really enjoyed the book so much that I was sorry that it ended. Perhaps that will inspire you the write a sequel. You capture the American Jewish community in a way that is similar to what Andrew Greeley does in his novels about the Irish Catholics. Your stories are engaging and funny and your characters  leave a lasting impression."

-- Suzanne Neusner

Praise for Bashert

“An exciting journey that is beautiful … hopeful … terrifying and exhilarating. A voyage well worth taking… I loved it."

Robert Kovacik

 Anchor, KNBC News, Los Angeles


“A wonderful work of passion and courage. An extraordinary adventure, ennobling in its awareness of all that is love, loss and life.”

— Janice Lynde, award-winning actress and

New York Times bestselling author,

Ten Minutes to the Audition


“BASHERT is an immersion into love. The predestination of it, the unpredictability of it—the elation, the devastation. We glide through this story through the prism of author Freed, a highly evolved man who is courageous when it comes to loving fully and deeply. A healing read.”

Lynn Roth,
Emmy Award-nominated director, writer, producer


“How does one best describe BASHERT, this exciting, exhilarating, and captivating novel, passionate yet serene, spell-binding yet sober, dream-like yet rooted in reality, cresting in sublime euphoria yet submerged in dolor and sadness, interweaving smiles and laughter with tears, intensive longing with frightful absence, resonating and pulsating with voices that touch the soul and reverberate in the heart, suffused with humor, sarcasm, and blasphemous irony, and interspersed with echoes of Biblical, Talmudic, and  Kabbalistic sources--all woven together to create a haunting and fascinating mosaic tale of two lovers intertwined in a unity of duality, a divine double twinned in heart and soul. BASHERT will ‘dance you to the end of time.’"


Shalom M. Paul

Professor Emeritus, Hebrew University

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