Books and Serendipity

I recently received this lovely note from my friend, Gina Jennings. The serendipity of her experience made me smile. -- Herb

Woke up. Pulled out four books to possibly start or continue reading...

The first book is a primer on how to be, and remain, happily married, Staying Married... and Loving It. Odd reading for a single girl. …Just planning ahead.

The second book, a personal favorite, Why Worry? is a Buddhist book filled with all the real and valid reasons of why not to worry. I often randomly pick a page and place my finger on a written thought and, bingo! The centuries of wisdom connect with my fingertip and I feel centered again.

The third book, We Are Eternal was written by a medium, Robert Brown, who recently united me with my [late] mother and brother in spirit conversation.

And the fourth book, Bashert, was written by a wonderful and fascinating man who happens to live on the second floor. A man who loved/loves a woman so deeply, and she him, that whenever I would encounter the two of them together in the elevator or on the property grounds I was rendered speechless by the unified light that radiated from them.

So I figured I should start with [Bashert]. I love the cover, and, after reading 16 pages, I am realizing that your book contains all the wisdom and wonder of my three other book choices.

What a pleasure!

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