Is it Better to Have Loved and Lost...

…or to never have loved at all? Anyone who has read my novel, Bashert, knows that the answer is an unequivocal YES. If there is a single theme in the novel, it is that finding our soulmate is what elevates life and enables us to be the most we can be during our sojourn here on earth.

But…inherent in the relationship of two people who love and aspire to bring joy and meaning into each other’s lives, is the reality that just as we emerge from different wombs at different times, our lives will not end in tandem, but separated by death, the greatest pain a survivor can endure.

In real life, Marion, my basherte, struggled with this dilemma daily. Stricken with lupus, Marion was particularly vulnerable, but her strong faith enabled her to rise above the pain. By connecting spiritual truths of religious faith with the discoveries of quantum mechanics and multiple universes, she enabled him see the light. This is what lead me to write this scene in Bashert, which I think of as “The Cosmic Dynamic.”

“Look at us, Dan. Ours is a love story conceived in heaven. Two bashert lovers surprisingly find one another and live a life of perfect bliss. In time, just as the cosmos expands – each star and galaxy on its own trajectory – so too does each half of the blessed union evolve to the next stages of death, transmigration, resurrection and reunification, but all in perfect balance and all preordained. Unfortunately for the suffering survivor, the only thing he can see is confusion and torment, but in the vast realm of parallel universes, there is a glorious climax to this Divine Spectacle. We will be reunited in béatitute eternelle – eternal bliss.”

“Marion...all I want is to dance with you until the end of time.”

"That’s exactly the point,” she said.

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