On the Air with T Love

I had the distinct pleasure to talk to host T Love of Energy Awareness Radio the other day and was enthused by the response from the audience and T Love herself, which you can hear right here. She also kindly reviewed Bashert after our interview, which I've shared below. I'm touched by her lovely words.

"I could not put this book down. I burned dinner, walked slower on my treadmill as I read, and totally blew off a conference call because I was so consumed by the honest, blissful, joyfully passionate entwining of the souls who are the characters in this book. We all hope/question: Is he/she my soulmate? Is it possible to love unconditionally? Will I experience an exalted love with another? Yes, Yes and Yes. Based on his life experiences, Herb Freed, through the written word, exquisitely creates imagery evoking all the feelings that embrace everything that is Bashert. A novel that teaches, enlightens and opens the heart as it speaks so well to the sacredness of love. You will learn, you will see, you will FEEL, as all of your senses are awakened to the story that honors life, loss and love. Beautiful, mystical, magical, sacred, enthralling, devoted – there really is no word that precisely describes the depths your own soul will reach as you read this book, the feelings are ineffable. Enjoy this book, relish the read, cherish the message, you will be changed and quite honored to have had the opportunity to share in the journey. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

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