The Wisdom of Moshe Dayan

In 1967, Israel defeated the joint armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria in six days, despite the fact that the Arabs had been supplied and trained by elite military units of England and The Soviet Union. Air-to-air communication in the Egyptian and Syrian war planes was actually conducted in Russian.

After the war, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan was inundated by interviewers the world over asking him to explain how Israel was able to achieve such a miraculous victory. Unable or unwilling to provide specifics, he responded using their word: "Obviously a miracle," he said with a familiar smile.

The interviewers weren't going to let him get away with a non-answer. "General Dayan, you are a secular man of the 20th century, a scientist and archeologist. Are you telling us that you believe in miracles?"

After a long pause, Dayan responded: "You're right. I am a secular man of the 20th century and I must admit that I do not believe in miracles—but as a Jew, an Israeli and a soldier, I DEPEND ON THEM."

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