Haunted by May Britt

May Britt, the Swedish beauty is best known for her co-starring role in The Young Lions opposite Marlon Brando and Maximilian Schell. But I know her from her last starring role was in the psychological thriller, Haunts,

that I directed in 1977. She was hailed by critics, especially Leonard Maltin, who said that this was the best performance of her career.

In addition to her talent, grace and beauty, May Britt was the easiest actor I ever worked with. Her only demand during the entire shoot was to take off one hour each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon because she promised her ex-husband, Sammy Davis, Jr., that she would make sure their 12- year-old son took the requisite bar mitzvah lessons twice weekly.

In all the films I’ve seen over the years, May’s subtle, but powerful, portrayal of a woman afflicted by nightmares dating back to her childhood was a high point of cinema art.

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