The Lessons of the Eclipse

My day began in Los Angeles with a reflected view (we were warned to avoid eye contact) of the Celestial Minuet as the full eclipse of the sun completed its circle of light surrounding the darkness in its orbit.

What comes to mind when viewing an event that hasn’t shown itself for a hundred years? Awe? Wonder? Yes! But as I watched, my mind went further back, to the biblical references.

The best known was one of the ten plagues Jews read about every Passover in the Haggadah. That eclipse was God’s response to Pharaoh’s intransigence in preventing the Jewish people from throwing off the shackles of slavery and leaving to find freedom in their own land.

Another is in the Book of Joel. “The sun shall turn into darkness and the moon into blood” also appears in a number of spirituals. It became popular during the worst days of the American Civil War. Abolitionists warned through songs, prayers and stealth that unless the grisly crime of slavery was abolished, God would remove His light from the earth.

I thought about that today when the light returned. I turned on my iPhone and heard the voice of Bruce Springsteen and his fabulous band singing “O Mary, don’t you weep don’t you mourn, Pharoah’s armies got drownded, O Mary, don’t you weep.”

My takeaway from viewing the eclipse? In the movie On the Beach, the world stands on the brink of nuclear annihilation. In the last scene were these words: THERE’S STILL TIME. Say it, sing it, believe it with all your heart. THERE IS…STILL…TIME!

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