I Am My Brother's Keeper

On Thanksgiving, we recall the joint celebration of the newly arrived settlers at Plymouth with Wampanoag Indians, a people who had lived in this land for many centuries before the white man arrived. Together, Pilgrims and Indians, ate, drank, danced and each in their own way expressed gratitude to their deity for the harvest. The natives and new neighbors looked, dressed and talked differently, but one thing they shared: the awareness that unless they became their brother’s keeper, they would all perish.

Woe betide us in the great United States of America of 2017. Shamefully, our president and his immigration policies continue to deport immigrants and ban newcomers. How can we not be outraged by this inhuman behavior by our government, which is antithetical to every religion I know, as it declares that WE ARE NO LONGER OUR BROTHERS KEEPER. This is a year we truly need the blessing of brotherhood. God will do His/Her part. We, as voters must do ours.

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