Make The World Just Again

Deuteronomy: Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid, for the LORD your God is with you.

As I listened to Oprah at the Golden Globes, what I heard was the voice of a prophet. Never lose faith, even though the armies of this vindictive president are trampling everything we hold dear. Be strong and courageous. We must overcome and reverse the tide, and we will. Our planet depends on it.

Listening to Oprah’s heartfelt pleas, I felt like one of the Israelites stranded on the shores of the Red Sea. It was only when Moses raised his arms high, higher, and even higher (so goes the spiritual) that the Children of Israel saw and believed with a full heart that the power of their faith would overcome the bloated boasts of the wicked.

Last Sunday evening, I heard Oprah’s plea and I was moved. I call out to you, my sisters and brothers. We must not despair. We have the strength and now we have the will to restore our country. Time is short and victory requires sacrifice, but our cause is just!

Thank you, Oprah for restoring our faith. Let us band together on a holy mission to MAKE THE WORLD JUST AGAIN.

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